Lewandaveski on fire again

In FA Cup final week, pre-match chatter was dominated by the Goat’s lack of sleep, with much encouragement for him to play.  But the threat of rain was sufficient to see the caprine one skive off.  Sepp was travelling back from the Smoke, allegedly running the length of the train throughout the journey to get more ‘k’s in. Bazza was rain delayed at the rounders, so both teams a man down to start. Rumours of a coup on account of committee members prioritising babies, rounders and work, started by Joel, were quickly slapped down by Bazza quoting rule 45129 – no coups allowed.  If only Platini had read the rule book!

With team selection once again in the hands of Bazza, and proper team sheets issued in formation, there was consensus these were well-matched teams. But, would the players all arrive on time?

The teams:

Bibs: Ads, Joel, Matt, Marcus,  Dan, Dazza, Olly

Non-bibs: Bazza, Kev, John H, Stew, Tom, Ethan, Daveski

Kick off at the Stadium of Night and Marcus was yet to arrive, and when he did his team were already 2-0 down. Ads had found his clown shoes again, legs all a tangle as two shots from narrow angles by the Polish star striker found the net. Lewandaveski had started well, looking to extend his winning streak. Sepp was mightily unimpressed with the answer to his question as he ran through the gate: “What’s the score?”

With Dong and Harris in near total control at the back Granite was able to reinforce the Shirts’ left flank, while the Bibs strikeforce was struggling for impact. It was soon 3 as the ball broke to Tom on the right, who dispatched a fine shot past blameless keeper Ads.  Cue Joel’s strop of the evening, which would later earn him one of the Wanka shirts.

The middle part of the game was a more even contest as Olly found his scoring boots  scoring 4 in total, while at the other end Ethan popped one in, and Lewandaveski completed his hat trick.

This was  a good come back from the Bibs.  So to the final period, and with Olly tiring Granite was finding more freedom up the left. Sepp slid in for  a  rugby tackle that Stew almost avoided, eventually crashing down after desperately trying to keep going, only to have a handball awarded against him. WTF?  It was a call Sepp was to regret on Granite’s next excursion, as a drop of the shoulder and change of pace left the Chairman for dead, and Granite through on goal. 6-4.

Matt soon replied for the Bibs, which was the cue for Ethan to take over in goal, to release the marauding Bazza, with his fresh legs soon providing goal number 7 for the Shirts. Ethan was called on to make several fine saves as the Bibs desperately tried to claw their way back into the game, but with gaps appearing at the back there was still time for Polish delight, as Lewandaveski made it 4 for him, and the final score 8-5.

Post match

Dave took his win streak to 8, and season tally to 20, level with the absent Goat.  That should have him back next week.  Olly still out in front though with 25.  Olly paid his subs and asked Sepp for a receipt and was rewarded with the second Wanka shirt as a result. Dazza dished out the eggs and football was, of course, the winner.

See you next week for Athletico Bibs v Real Non-Bibs.




Lewandaveski on fire again

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