Granite turns to Dust

It’s week 11 of TNF and the second leg of the first ever European fixture between the Bibs (Liverpool) and the Shirts aka non-Bibs (Utd).  Can Pool make a comeback having gained deadly striker Olly, Denis Law last week, Ronnie Rosenthal this week, or will the returning Goat play to his potential as Berbatov for Utd?

The full teams selected once again by the recovering coach Harris:

Bibs: Ads Grobelaar in goal, Granite Hamman & Liam Neal in defence, Joel Ince, Dazza Molby and Tom Rob Jones in midfield, and Olly Rosenthal up top.

Shirts: Kev Schmeical in the goal behind Bazza Pallister and Dan Bruce. The midfield is Jon Scholes, Chris Keane, and Dave Kanchelskis, with Steve The Goat Berbatov up front.

But wait, breaking news from Italy where Sepp has headed to meet new UEFA El Presidente Infantino.  A garbled message reveals Sepp has arranged for the Torino star footballer Immobile to play tonight for the Bibs. That should set the cat amongst the pigeons! Does that man’s influence know no bounds?  But wait another message.  Apparently the first message was misinterpreted.  Sepp was just suggesting the Bibs midfield may be a little static.  we shall see.

And so once again to the Vale, as the other game at Old Trafford is 1-1 at half time, 1-3 on aggregate, here the 1st leg score was 5-3 to the Shirts, so the Bibs need a good start, against a solid looking Utd defence.  Both teams go close early on, but it’s Utd who make the breakthrough, quickly followed by number 2. The Goat looks on form after his rest last week, and its soon 3 as Grobelaar lives up to his reputation allowing the ball through his legs to creep over the line, thus earning the Wanka shirt for next week.  Pool pull one back with a controversial own goal, with Olly Rosenthal using unorthodox wrestling tactics on Bruce.  Doesn’t he know wrestling references are only for pre-match banter?

But any hopes of a comeback are soon turned to dust as Granite Hamman goes chasing the game up front leaving the defence horribly exposed.  The Magic Man ghosts at will through the pool midfield; is that an invisibility cloak he’s wearing?  Christian Keane’s having another solid game in midfield too. For Pool, Dazza Molby is  solid, but Tom is Immobile after all!

The Goat is definitely channeling his inner Berbatov here finishing with great accuracy, and racking up a double hat trick.  With goals from Scholes and Kanchelskis as well, Utd score 11 in total as Pool fall apart.  Bruce has had Rosenthal in his pocket all night, but near the end as Utd relax, Pool manage 3 more to make the score slightly less embarrassing.

Final score 11-4, and 16-7 on aggregate.

Post match analysis 

Jaffa cakes all round as the teams reflected on the game.  Granite had made a consistent bid for the Wanka shirt with his non-performance, but Ad’s clanger won the day. The Goat basked in the glory of his double hat trick, while everyone else reflected that he’d used up his goals allowance for the next few weeks at least. It was a triumphant game for the United Shirts, but a Vale of Despair for the Pool Bibs.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend boys!





Granite turns to Dust

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